Thursday, June 16, 2005

Investor Alert on the following comapanies has been added in the SFC Hong Kong Alert - Bimonthly Newsletter

Electronic Investor Resource Center website - Investor Alert section gives the details of the comapnies involved or suspected in the investment frauds.

Asia Pacific Investment Management Ltd
Asia Pacific Group
Asia Pacific Asset Management Ltd
Asia Pacific Fund Managers Ltd
Asia Pacific Group Investment Inc
Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd
Asia Pacific International Investment Trust

Gives an address of :
10/F, Lake Rajada Office Complex193/37 Ratchadapisek RoadBangkok 10110Thailand
(It also represents it has offices or mail addresses in a number of places including London, Luxembourg, Portugal but the address at Lippo Centre in Hong Kong is no longer in use.)

(Name used: Deepak Dayal)

(It maintains a website with the domain name: It also uses a bank account in Hong Kong in the name of Asia Pacific Investment Managers Ltd.)

Any one who has invested with the above companies or the staff / representatives and above named persons are requested to post the information on available with them on these companies on the blog.

They were sending the statements on the investment made by mail and emails initially. Later on stopped sending the statements from Jan 2005 onwards. The company address and offices seems to be either moved or closed. No phone contacts are working. The email address is not working as well. the website domain has been put up for sale.
It is suspected that there is wide spread investment fraud involving hundreds of thousands dollars, planned and operated by the persons behind these companies to swindle the investors hard earned money.

Anyone having any contact for these companies or Deepak Dayal or Helen Ong please post it here for alerting the investors.

The cluprits must be identified, traced, booked and brought to justice. More important is that investors should get their investment back.
Also suggest where to lodge the complain regarding such finely crafted and executed scams.
Anyone to help please.

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